retake advice?

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retake advice?

Postby creed » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:08 pm

Hello friends!

I have had a bit of a hiatus since the September LSAT from TLS, but now that I'm beginning to get back into law school prep mode and out of senioritis mode, I have some questions.

I took September and got a 172. I'm very happy with the score but feel both after receiving feedback here and reading more that even just another point will help my chances. I have a high 3.9X at ~T50 and was PT'ing around 173-176. The week before the test I got sick and picked up a couple 171's, and got a 172 on the real deal. I was well enough for the exam that I don't think it was my health.(background: I'm aiming for either CCN with $$$ or HYS. My softs will probably neither help nor hurt-- got the typical high GPA academic honors stuff, did some internships, going to public law-related work in my home state postgrad for a year or two.)

I'm wondering how I should approach retaking. I usually go -0/occasional -1 on LG, -1/-2/occasional -3 on RC, and -2/-4 on LR, which is my most fluctuating section. LR is what pushed me below 173 on the test.

My plan of action is this: spend a week or so making sure that all the mental infrastructure is still there for LG and RC. If it is, pound away at LR to get it down to -2 tops. Does that make sense? Or should I be spreading time more equally? For reference, I usually confine my misses to 4/5 star questions with an occasional 2/3 star error. How have folks pushed down to that golden -0/-1/-2 on LR?

And what I'm really unsure about is how much time I need to prepare. I studied for 3 months or so for the last test. My impression is that 1.5 months should be enough for the retake, especially if I'm focused on one section. Is that right?

any general advice would be really helpful. I'll be studying after work and on weekends, likely for September in the event that I decide I want to apply next year. Thanks everyone!

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