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LSAT Study Schedule Plan

Postby popefreedom » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:33 pm

Hello, so I'm a sophomore in college and I'm committed to going straight to law school. I hope to take the LSAT this September so I can dedicate senior summer toward writing app essays. I did a diagnostic test last Fall to see where I'm at without studying and got a 149.

Basically, my plan is to do this program in NYC for 6 weeks this summer. 4 credit Socratic method class for 3 weeks then an internship with a judge or a firm for 3 weeks. Then from July 13th - start of classes, I will be waking up at 730am (to simulate actual LSAT test time) and spend first 2 weeks studying and then after I feel I know what I'm doing, take a practice test every day.

Kind of just want to see outsider opinion to see if this is a solid plan of action? Should I enroll in a LSAT course over the summer? Is that worthwhile? I want to score at least a 170 but I can settle for a 168.

Thanks for all the help.


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Re: LSAT Study Schedule Plan

Postby LSATace » Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:10 pm

If you want a close to top percentile score, you really want to put in close to top percentile work. Simply put this isn't an IQ test, and this isn't a test of memorized information: it's a test of skill at reading and thinking in a particular logical manner, and that skill- like all skills- is the result of practice. I get that we all need some downtime, but if you really need to get a 168+ you got to ask yourself if you really need to wait til July. If you claim that that's when you'll have more time, you got to ask yourself is there nothing that takes up part of your day right now that can't be replaced with LSAT study?

A course can help. A tutor can help. My students excel. But that's not because of my excellence, but because they put in the time studying.

So basically, learning all the skills you need: sure, maybe 2 weeks for that. Honestly, they could probably be memorized in a grueling 12 hour day- most LSAT books are heavy on examples and drill rather than packed with different discrete methods. But practicing with them, getting comfortable with them, etc- that could happen between July and September, but it's a lot more likely to happen if you start now.

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