LSAT study schedule question

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LSAT study schedule question

Postby Moose29 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:00 am

Long story short, I'm graduating this May, and have a necessary surgery I am scheduled for in June.

I've been prepping for the lsat (lazily), going over the LG bible. I'm pretty square on LR and RC right now, just need to get LG in a good place.

Unfortunately, this surgery will not allow me to take the June LSAT.

I'm doing TFA come the fall, so I'll be a full time teacher. I'll also have a summer full of intense training with no chance to study.

My questions is, should I continue preparing for the LG section now, and try to find a groove again studying in September when I start teaching? Or, should I start doing timed tests and preparing hard for the test even though I won't be able to study over the summer? Or, should I hold off all studying until September because I'll lose what I gained over the summer of not studying?

I suppose my goal would be to take the December, February, or June LSAT of 2019.

Also, has anyone been able to study with a full time job? Is it possible? Any advice would be appreciated!

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