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PT14_S4_Q17 On completing both....

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:06 pm
by existence1943
i understand that E is correct, but why B is wrong?

From the stimulus we know that: before taking developmental psychology, experimental design must be completed. In other words, experimental design must be an earlier course than developmental psychology course.

Is there anything wrong with this line of thinking?


Re: PT14_S4_Q17 On completing both....

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:53 am
by Deardevil
You cannot assume one class is easier just because it is a prerequisite. It is not always the case.
Sure, chemistry II might be more difficult than chemistry I since it is a continuation and adds on more concepts.
However, software engineering is different from programming, which means it could be tougher or even simpler.