Will LSAC grant accomodations based on older documents?

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Will LSAC grant accomodations based on older documents?

Postby commonlaw » Sun Mar 04, 2018 4:16 am

I have a diagnosis of a learning disorder that has been confirmed through several different evaluations since I was a small child, most recently when I was 18. Each evaluation recommends the accomodations I am requesting on the LSAT. However, my most recent evaluation was 10 years ago and LSAC states that they only accept evaluations that were done within 5 years of the request. I hoping that LSAC will grant me accommodations based on the documentation I already have rather than making shell out $$$ for yet another evaluation. (Btw, most organization will accept older documentation if it was competed after the requester was 18 years, so I can't help but feel LSACs policy is pretty ridiculous and unfair towards non-traditional students. Moreover, LSACs new policy for automatically providing accomodations based on previous post-secondary tests is unhelpful because the ACT no longer holds my record...) In any case, I was wondering if anyone in a similar situation has experience requesting accomodations and provide some guidance in the matter. Thanks!!!

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