February LSAT Test questions, also, RC...

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February LSAT Test questions, also, RC...

Postby Jimlaw123 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:00 am


Well I didn't do too hot on the December test... (That last game, that was like was like, WTF?).

But, I'm applying for this cycle (With my previous score from before), and I'm taking the February Test..

I'm decently solid on most things... I did bad due to "Reading Comprehension", I read too slow, and if I speed up, it's over for me..

Resigned myself to just doing 3 passages, and going from their. This time, I want to have a set strategy that will net me, anywhere from a 158-160, so I have about 20 points to miss...

Any help on Reading Comprehension? Certain questions etc... I seem to get lost, and jumbled.

Also, on Necessary questions, I was taught a "Blocking or Bridging method", and my question is, if there is an an "Author's voice" it's the block method (Defending the argument, or conculsion) and if their isn't, if it's just "Statements" it's the bridging type? (In a sense, "Connecting the statements to the conclusion") etc..

Any tips on Role questions? (I tend to miss those).

Last but not least, Sufficient questions... I was taught you just "Find the missing premise", but for some reason, it works sometimes, and doesn't..

I know it's always a "Puzzle" so their has to be a missing piece, but some questions, seem just random, and none of the pieces fit, is it set this way, no matter what? Welp, thanks you guys. I'm taking the February test, but applying for this cycle... regardless (a lot of schools told me, they'd wait for it), so I have a month and 5 days to get on it.. please, any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: February LSAT Test questions, also, RC...

Postby Deardevil » Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:48 am

I would rather use a bridging method for sufficient assumptions.
You will need to find the missing link that completes the argument,
so if you are given premise A -> B and conclusion A -> C, then you need to connect the B with the C.
For example, Ada knows everything in her wardrobe is stylish, so she claims that her clothes are all presentable.
Well, why would they be presentable? The argument would make sense if something stylish is always presentable.

A necessary assumption has to be true.
Try negating an answer choice to see if it breaks down the argument. If it does, it is correct.
For example, Zoey cleared the snow around her house by herself without help from anyone else.
What am I assuming? She is not in a wheelchair? Maybe she can still clear the snow, but at a slow pace.
What about the temperature did not raise to a level that would melt all the snow in front of her place? Yes!
If it did, then how would one still come to the conclusion that Zoey got rid of the snow when it is obviously due to the weather?

To figure out the role in a stimulus, you have to isolate, well, the role the sentence plays.
Perhaps that is also why you are struggling in reading since figuring out the organization is vital.
It is easier in LR, however; the answer is almost always a premise, intermediate conclusion, or main idea.
The rest is really just up to you to get down to one of those three by simply dissecting the stimulus. Nothing a little practice cannot remedy.

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