Bombed Dec lsat. Retake in Feb-- wait to apply?

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Bombed Dec lsat. Retake in Feb-- wait to apply?

Postby Jm0987 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:51 pm

2.98 GPA.
Have been PTing at between 166-172. Last few weeks leading up to the December lsat I was PTing lower at an average of 165.

Basically, my LR is pretty consistent on every PT (around -8 - -12 total). My strength is -0 in LG almost on every PT. RC varies and balances LR so I usually end up with an average of around 165 when my minus total in LR is higher.

I walked away from the LSAT today bombing the chance that I had to get a 165+. I didn't get through one entire logic game and have a minimum of -6 on LG. And based on the consistency of how I know myself to perform on other sections... I know I didn't miraculously go -3/4 on LR. This was my first time taking the lsat and I think I let my nerves make me panic because of an LR section that made me panic. I'm pretty sure it was an experimental but I didn't have the foresight while testing to be sure of that and I let that concern bleed into the rest of my test. I pretty much beat myself. RC was average for me or slightly above average, meaning I can still anticipate st least around -5 or -6.

My question, given that my minimum -6 in LG is going to put me at around 161 with the best case scenario-- should I cancel my score and still test in Feb? What about the current application cycle? I'm not really targeting any T14 but I was looking at a few schools in the 18-25 range. A 165+ would have given me a shot at some of these schools, and would have gotten me some decent money with schools ranking 27-45. I have to do the research to figure out how many schools will even accept the Feb lsat but I'd just like a few thoughts on how much I'm impacting chances of getting some $$ by waiting until Feb. And can anyone make a case for not canceling my score? Provided I haven't considered any schools that would take a 2.98/161 and be generous in terms of $$$.
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Re: Bombed Dec lsat. Retake in Feb-- wait to apply?

Postby SomewhatLearnedHand » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:55 pm

Retake and apply next cycle no question

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Re: Bombed Dec lsat. Retake in Feb-- wait to apply?

Postby strawberryrhubarb » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:55 am

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If you're PT-ing at 165 and you have *real reason* to think you'll score 161, yes cancel. But chances are there might be a surprise in the composition of the LR's that count, especially given the feedback in the testing sections for DEC 2017. For ex) you say you usually get around -10 in LR, but let's reason that you're generally bad at say resolve P/discrepancy and you ALWAYS lose -2 or -3 in LR due to it, it can be likely that you're not noticing that the LR sections that count had close to 0 of these types of questions. This logic can expand to RC and LG too. Don't be so sure that -6 LG makes it impossible to get anything NEAR 165. Verify the EXP and think hard and then make the choice. You should be retesting in February IMHO.

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