December Retake.. Delay app or not??

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December Retake.. Delay app or not??

Postby BoilerByBirth » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:31 am

Hey guys, so I just got my September LSAT score and I scored a 163, which is about 5 points lower than my PT average. I'm an engineering undergrad so my GPA (3.56) is below median for most of the T2 schools I'm looking at.

I'm planning to retake in December and want to know whether or not it's worth delaying submitting my applications until I have that December score back, or is it okay to submit now and just send an updated (hopefully higher) LSAT score when I receive it?

Second question: If I am accepted with my September LSAT is it possible to use a December retake score to negotiate scholarships?

Any advice or personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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Re: December Retake.. Delay app or not??

Postby Experiment626 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:09 pm

I think it depends on each school you're applying to. Some schools will see you're taking the December test and hold decision until they get the score, but by having your application in ahead of time they can do all the prep work to have it ready for review as soon as the score is updated and ahead of anyone that applies after scores are released. Others review your file immediately and make a decision. I've seen with on some school FAQs if you get rejected, that's it. Others will reconsider with a higher score. You'll have to do your research and figure out a plan of attack for each individual school.

Like Georgetown told me get it in ASAP for holding my place in line. UVA evaluates you with the score that's available.

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