Did significantly lower than PT's on September LSAT

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Did significantly lower than PT's on September LSAT

Postby btermite » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:39 pm

Just got back my September test, and did dramatically lower than I ever did on a practice test. Even before I had started studying.
I will have to look through the answers to see what happened, but am planning to retake in December.

I was shooting for 170+, and was getting practice tests pretty consistently in the high 160s through to mid 170s.
I got a 156 on the September test.

Even IF I am able to get into my score range, is having this score on my record going to hurt my admissions chances?

Also, does anyone have some tips for how many practice tests I should be doing each week in the meantime?

Congrats to everyone who did well though!

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Re: Did significantly lower than PT's on September LSAT

Postby proteinshake » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:47 pm

likely won't matter at all. I definitely wouldn't worry about having a 156 along with a 170+ on my application. probably include an addendum but it doesn't need to be super long or anything.

I took a practice test about every 4 days when I retook (test day, blind review day, rest, repeat) -- this was once I was done going through the books and drilling.

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