How best to prep for the Dec 2nd LSAT?

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How best to prep for the Dec 2nd LSAT?

Postby unamis99 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:05 pm

Hey everyone, I'm desperately trying to figure out how to prep for the LSAT on Dec 2nd. I have plenty of time during the day so time is not an issue. My diagnostic test were 156, 154 and 155 and I'm hoping to increase those by 10 points. Given that I have only 7 weeks until the test how should I prep for it best? Should I take an online course like TestMasters or PowerScore? Or work through the Manhattan prep books? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: How best to prep for the Dec 2nd LSAT?

Postby BlueprintLSATXander » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:54 pm

With 7 weeks to go and a goal of increasing your score by 10 points you're going to be on a tight schedule, but it should still be possible as long as you are able to put in a lot of time per day studying. The course I teach last about 11 weeks and in that time I've seen students improve anywhere from +11 to even over 20 points from their diagnostic. So with that as a baseline in mind you could feasibly ensure you’d get into the mid-to-high 160s as long as you put in the study time and use the right techniques.

An online course may be your best option given that it would give you the flexibility to "catch up" to where many in-person courses that are prepping for December are at right now and go through content at your own pace. The benefit of online courses is that sometimes seeing visually the methods used to explain the concepts and actually hearing a real person explain the problems can really help make everything clear. Also, if you're anything like me, I would get bored to tears reading a book about the LSAT so watching videos often helped me to stay concentrated and absorb the content.

Finally, one of the most important parts of the study process outside of learning the fundamentals of conditional logic, question strategizes, etc. from whatever resource you end up choosing (be it a book or online course) will be to put in the effort and time that goes with practicing those fundamentals. For instance, in my course, doing the homework that solidifies the new concepts, practicing drilling question types, and then, eventually, doing as many full-length practice tests as you can to develop the stamina and confidence for the actual day of the test.

Hope this helps! Good luck studying!

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