Terrible test experience in Houston

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Terrible test experience in Houston

Postby FloraTX » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:59 am

Hi guys,

Would you mind sharing some of your experience taking LSAT in Houston, and suggest a good place to go?

I took my last two in Houston, one at Omini Hotel, one at UH. The Omnhi Hotel place was in a large BUT DARK conference room, fully packed with at least 300 students. It was my first LSAT experience and I was nervous and barely able to see clearly my booklet. It was really too dark for an exam with cristal lights high up there.

The UH one was a NIGHTMARE. I am not sure how many students were taking exams there that day, but about 20 of us were assigned a multi-purpose conference room at the business school's building, right across the counter by the entrance. (If you are curious how awful it could be). There were NO DESKs! No lights! We had to sit in this dark, freezing room, and bend over in a inhuman way for 4 hours to write on the little portable pad from the side of the seat! We asked the curators to turn on the lights, but they said that was it, then during the break they suddenly were able to turn on more!!! (omg).
It was so unfair we were not even assigned a desk with normal lights! We had only limited chances to take exams and time is more valuable than money!

I really want to complain to LSAC but not sure what they could do now. I lost the chance already.

So, any normal place (with a desk that human can sit right and read, and enough lights not like a cave?) I could go for my 3rd exam? Thanks.

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