Change study program for December LSAT?

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Change study program for December LSAT?

Postby GoingBackToSchool » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:07 am

Hello - I've been using Kaplan to study for the LSAT. I like it because they use real questions and have a wide variety of resources - live and recorded videos, all tests and explanations, Qbank (ability to create your own questions for mini quizzes), and I think the online instructors are pretty good. I also really like the books they sent me - they were very good reads.

So, with that said, I took the Sept exam but I''m not confident I did well so I'm taking the December exam. Honestly, I should have studied longer and work and family obligations got in the way. My question is - should I stick with Kaplan through December since I know my way around the resources and the "kaplan" way or should I try the other options I've been hearing about like PowerScore, Mahattan LSAT, the LSAT Trainer. I even looked at 7sage and love their video explanations for LGs.

Sticking with Kaplan means I can retake a class at no cost so I love that and ofcourse I'll have all the other resources handy. But using another program means shelling out money and potentially getting confused with different teaching styles. If anyone has gone through this can you please chime in? Many thanks.

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