Stuck in low 170s - LR/RC

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generic noob

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Stuck in low 170s - LR/RC

Postby generic noob » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:10 am


Currently, I am stuck in the low 170s. I'm okay on LG; my biggest trouble is with the LR/RC portions. I miss on average 2-3 for each LR and 3-4 on the RC for around a -9 total.

I've finished the LR/RC bibles, which helped me a lot (I was at -7 before) but after that I can't consistently get to my goal, which is at most -2 on each section. (Aiming for 175ish.)

1. Are there any resources that you guys have found specifically helpful for those two sections?
2. Or is repeated preptesting the only way to go?
3. And if so is there anything special you do with those sections that are helpful in improving how you do? Currently I review the wrong answers and try to convince myself why the given answer is right. Usually, when I get something wrong, I have three answers crossed out, and I simply picked the wrong one of the remaining two.


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Re: Stuck in low 170s - LR/RC

Postby LukeSkylawyer » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:12 am

just take the test

Barry grandpapy

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Re: Stuck in low 170s - LR/RC

Postby Barry grandpapy » Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:18 pm

LukeSkylawyer wrote:just take the test

What a helpful first post.

Anyways, I'll say what worked for me with LR and hopefully something sticks. When I drill or PT and get a question wrong, I cut out the question and write up an explanation for what the right answer was, why it was right, and what I think caused me to initially choose the wrong answer.

If you're finishing with a lot of extra time, I recommend plowing all of it into the most difficult questions that you might have circled.

If you're noticing yourself making careless mistakes more than just missing hard questions, then consider slowing down or using the extra time you have left to scan through your answers once more.

Personally, my consistency with LR shot up after writing up reports/cutting out and quizzing all LR questions that I get wrong

I suck at RC but maybe Voyager's RC guide can help you.

Good luck man

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