Help with PT 79 S4 Q22

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Help with PT 79 S4 Q22

Postby Cogburn1984 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:25 am

Took PT 79 the other day. Can anyone help with S4, Q 22? Manhattan doesn't have anything posted on their student portal.

I think I have an inkling understanding of why C is right. Am I correct in identifying that an assumption of the argument is that the fragments of the virus will remain in the same place when passed down to through ancestors? This means the random insertion of the virus occurred with the descendant of these two species and then remained in place throughout the time it was passed down. The randomness of the insertion strengthens the argument because it show that the virus fragments being in the same spot would be highly unlikely unless the virus was acquired through a common ancestor?

Am I on or off base with that analysis?

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