Studying for the LSAT one section at a time?

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Studying for the LSAT one section at a time?

Postby brmccracken » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:08 pm

(In short) I have noticed that I have not been having much luck with schedules that jump from section to section simultaneously. My score is nowhere where I need it to be for the schools I am looking at. I am in the low 150's - upper 140's on PT's and my end goal is a 160. I have decided to push off the June test until December and want to study "smarter not harder" for this test. I thought about the option which would be to read a particular bible (say RC first) and focus on that section intensely until I am in the range of -3 timed, then move on to the next section and do the same for that. Has anyone tried this method and had luck with it? I am just very stuck and scared to take the next step because I feel like when I am taking PT's I am missing a lot of foundation and would be better off if I dedicated my attention back to one section at a time and essentially master them individually. Instead of patching leaky holes, I should rebuild the structure of the ship. Any comments would be much appreciated.

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Re: Studying for the LSAT one section at a time?

Postby MercW07 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:16 pm

I did what you're talking about doing the first time I studied for the LSAT and it absolutely did not work. I started with the LR Bible, then moved to the LG Bible, and finished with the RC Bible. By the time I got done with the RC Bible I had forgotten much of what I had learned from the LR Bible. My cold diag was a 149 and by the time I got done with the 3 Bibles I was at a 152, not good. When I started studying for the second time I took a 7Sage online course that bounced around from section to section and saw a 13 point improvement using that method. The LSAT (for most) takes months to study for and methodically going through one section at a time with cause you to forget much of what you learned previously.

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Re: Studying for the LSAT one section at a time?

Postby Future Ex-Engineer » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:19 pm

This method worked for me:

Get LG down to -1/-0 range by practicing it exclusively (using LG Bible and drilling).

Then used the LSAT Trainer and followed it chronologically (skipping the LG sections). I felt that learning LR and RC together was actually quite helpful, and I found some synergy in that system.

Took me from a cold start -20(?)/164 on Sept 16 to -8/171 on the June 17

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