Just starting my Law school and LSAT journey and need advice.

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Just starting my Law school and LSAT journey and need advice.

Postby lcgivz12 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:55 pm

Hello all,

I am 32 and have a associates in Automation/Robotics. I am currently going back to school for my Electrical Engineering degree, and i am planning on then going through to Law School. I know this is as far from one and other than one can get but it is something that i can and have been thinking about for a while but have not had the financial means to do so. I am about 24 months out from my degree and i would like to start at least getting my feet wet on LSAT prep. I haven't taken a diagnostic test but have looked at a few questions in LG and LR, i might have been able to answer 30% or so, which worried me, because i see everyone else with 145-155 diagnostics scores and i would be far from that i feel. I haven't taken a class in 10 years or so and the questions really pointed out how many cobwebs are in my head (At least i hope they are cobwebs, and not that i am just not cut out for the LSAT.) I'm sure this forum gets this a lot, but i am simply wondering what you guys think i should do as far as prep?

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Re: Just starting my Law school and LSAT journey and need advice.

Postby tanes25 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:40 am

Hello, I would start with logic if you aren't trying to dive completely in. Logic is a huge part of the test. You can just Google stuff or pick up a basic book on logic. If you're looking to dive in but go at your own pace I recommend The LSAT Trainer. It's about $50-$60. I also recommend one of the online pkgs from 7 Sage. The starter pkg is sufficient but just read all the other pkgs and see what you want as far as extras because all courses cover the same material. Then you can look at the access time and pricing for each pkg. Feel free to create a free account with 7 Sage and ask all the questions you want. If you're feeling risky you can check out the free LG videos on the 7 Sage site as well. If you start with logic it would be no problem for you to then move on to LG before you decide to dive in completely with the other sections.


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Re: Just starting my Law school and LSAT journey and need advice.

Postby socal389 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Powerscore is awesome, especially for games. It has a great diagramming system. I'd also recommend it for logical reasoning -- I like the way that's organized more than the LSAT Trainer. The LSAT Trainer, however, has really great background on the LSAT, explains what it's testing better than any other book, and is great for reading comp.

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