Strategy for retaking after low 170s in first take

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Strategy for retaking after low 170s in first take

Postby tuna_wasabi » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:47 am

Just wondering how TLSers who were in the same situation prepped for their second take. Been reviewing old LR questions for the past few weeks, since that's where I tanked during my first take--but I'm not really sure how to go on from here :| Does it do any good to do an old PT twice (especially after I have reviewed it heavily the first time)? How did you approach your retake?

Lastly, how did you deal with mental pressure? To be honest, I'm a bit wary of retaking. My practice scores range from 168 to 180, with an average of 174 and no clear trend of improvement whatsoever: they went from the high 170s, to low 170s, then to high 170s again, before ultimately settling in 172-173 in the last few PTs before the actual test. I took PTs randomly (PT. 70s, then back to PT. 50s and 60s).

I'm aiming to get a 174+.

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