Worth a retake?

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Worth a retake?

Postby holymolyoly » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:30 am

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Re: Worth a retake?

Postby tuna_wasabi » Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:30 pm

LR is our mutual fiend :evil:

My situation is very similar to yours: 5/7 from LR, all of which from the last section. Was also debating on whether it's worth it to retake, but it's becoming more appealing by the second, because: (1) I already registered for the September LSAT before receiving my score, so the $130 is gone regardless; (2) this is my first take, so plenty of leeway (perhaps the adcom will be more forgiving?); (3) Need substantial financial aid to attend LS.

In terms of costs and benefits, costs (for me, at least): Gotta postpone side projects by about a month. Zero downtime till mid-December, which means little time to pick up a new language.

Certain benefits: We already did it before, so now we have more experience under our belt. The score will be released by October 12, which is still quite early in the cycle. Most important, even if we did not obtain our target score in September, we still have our 172 to fall back into. This means the pressure is not as much for the upcoming test, which means more time to devote to PS.

Verdict: I'm 80% sure of retaking.

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