Need some help creating a study plan for September lSAT

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Need some help creating a study plan for September lSAT

Postby OlegPerry97 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 1:04 pm

I was planning on taking it last June and learned all the concepts leading up to it but wasn't doing well enough on my practice exams (usually due to lack of effort and concentration for the most part). Anyways I put it off and went about my life and decided I'm going to try and tackle it again for this coming September. I've gone back over all the material and taken a few practice exams and gotten about a 160 on average which made me choose September instead of this coming June date, because I'm shooting for a low 170 and know that such a drastic change will not come in a month. Anyways I have the practice lSAT exam books as well as a large packet of difficult LR reasoning Q's and a book of harder LG's. Considering the time frame given, what would be a good approach? I was thinking of a practice exam every few days or so and in between I slowly work through individual sections while also hitting the areas that I am consistently missing.

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Re: Need some help creating a study plan for September lSAT

Postby InsightLSAT » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:55 pm

Yep. That's a nice basic approach.

1 PT per week is good for early prep. 2 in the middle. 3+ toward the end. The reason is that you should be doing more focused prep in the beginning (developing your methods, IDing and addressing specific weaknesses, drilling, etc.) and more comprehensive prep (full PTs) toward the end.

I give a lot of advice for creating a preparation plan at The video is worth checking out before you really starting digging into things.

You can also use the free worksheet found at to organize and analyze your work.

Good luck!

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