looking for an off-line Beijing LSAT 2017 study partner

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looking for an off-line Beijing LSAT 2017 study partner

Postby aslongasittakes » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:03 pm

I am studying for the PRC Bar, 2017 now. and I have just taken the Feb. LSAT in Singapore, which is also my third time taken it. Although there is still one more day for my result to come in, I just want to start a study group here in Beijing. I am not sure anyone speaking Chinese, or in Beijing, is using this forum. I just think it will be nice to study together. If I do need to take the LSAT for one more time, it would be in 2018, after June. So, I do not want to lose my senses that I have been building up over time. I have scored 167 last time and pretty determined to improve my results to 170+. I want to share my methods of studying with a study group and to see whether it would work for someone else as how it has been working for me.

Please contact me if you are interested. :)

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