PowerScore 3-Month Study Plan (June / First Timer)

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PowerScore 3-Month Study Plan (June / First Timer)

Postby Sackcrete » Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:57 am


I was going to post this in the June thread, but noticed a lot of banter in the most recent pages. I could use some reassurance/advice as I don't really have any resources to utilize outside of this forum. I have already purchased the PowerScore bibles (the entire set), and had planned on doing the 6 month study plan with them. I was going to take the December LSAT, as I was deploying, but I just found out I am no longer leaving. Taking the LSAT as soon as possible is definitely my desire as I can always re-take in December if I don't get my 165+ goal, and the June LSAT is now possible. My main question is:

If I follow the 3 month study plan (started yesterday) that PowerScore recommends, and make sure to utilize all of the books that came with it, am I on a good path for my LSAT in June? I know it doesn't really matter as much as it may seem to some, but I scored a 147 on my first cold practice test, albeit with a screaming infant and toddler / after a full work day and unit PT session. Thank you for your time.


EDIT: Added real first practice LSAT score.

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