Focused one day Painfully slow and restless the next

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Focused one day Painfully slow and restless the next

Postby Plab » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:29 pm

I do mind that my score isn't moving a good direction, but more specifically, my problem is that my practicing and hard work have volatile results. And this post is coming on a very discouraging week of studying.
This is all especially depressing because, from the start, I've been specifically taking the "slow and steady" route in (trying to) nail this test.
What does this mean? That I should take the test and cross my fingers that it's on one of the good weeks?
On one of the good weeks, I can focus and I don't have to try and think so hard when making deductions, for instance. My timing has always been something to work on, but sometimes it feels totally within my control and expectations.
Other times, it doesn't. And it feels as though my brain is literally straining to eke out something that was relatively what I'd have considered more ingrained/"fundamental" knowledge. Like a cog or two went missing. And I end up with more wrong answers and taking more time to do it. It's discouraging.
My study regimen and motivation has pretty much the same. So the instability of the contrast is killing me. What should I make of this?
Has anybody took note of their "burnout" intervals? I was running with the assumption that after 3 hours of studying/day, I didn't need to take it into account.

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Re: Focused one day Painfully slow and restless the next

Postby maybeman » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:06 pm

I know it's hard, but don't let short term issues discourage you. Nobody has a perfect trajectory from their diagnostic to their final score. Progress comes in phases. Without details about what you're doing and what "volatile" means for you, I can't really help. But it could also be that you're not studying effectively. Read some of the guides on here and compare them to what you're doing. Burnout is real for a lot of people, but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. An issue might not actually exist.

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Re: Focused one day Painfully slow and restless the next

Postby MediocreAtBest » Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:53 pm

You've got time, man. Of course when you're 3 and 4 months out it's sometimes hard to focus for something that's not happening for another 100 days. Just keep trying to understand the questions and how to get the correct answers, don't focus too much on your scores at this point. I get like this all the time, just have to convince yourself to keep pushing.

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