Logical Reasoning and Reading Comp Help

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Logical Reasoning and Reading Comp Help

Postby splitsohard » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:28 am

After a few month hiatus of studying for the LSAT I'm back to take this beast in June 2017. However, I'm finding myself struggling in two things:

1. How should I review the logical reasoning portion? I'm currently trying the blind review method, but would love to hear how people go about reviewing each and every question. Do you analyze the logic and grammar of each stimulus? How long does it take you to review each section? How long does it take until you start to see improvements? I'm having a hard time with this and would love feedback on whatever worked for you to improve your LR score. Should I do the section timed, then go back and review the questions and look up how Manhattan, etc explained them? Do any of you ever go back to fundamentals once you're in the PT stage?

2. Reading comprehension. In general. Right now, I'm using either the Manhattan/Powerscore method with the VIEWStamp and reading for 'scale' and annotating structure. it helps, but its extremely time consuming and I'm having a hard time finishing passages. What are some strategies any of you use for RC? I'm really struggling to get through this section.

I'm currently averaging in the 160s but am aiming for a 173+ for the June test date administration. I'm currently unemployed but looking for an extremely part time job to get through the next 4.5 months.

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