Improving score for December re-write

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Improving score for December re-write

Postby tsh » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:44 pm

Hi Everyone,

I wrote the September LSAT and retaking the December one so I am looking for advice on how to improve my score this time around. Before September, I was scoring around 152-155 on practice exams and decided to go for it anyways and got 159 on the actual test. I did terrible on the RC section which had never happened before on practice tests as generally, the games were my weaker section. Since September I've taken a healthier approach to studying (eating better, working out, etc) instead of locking myself in a room for 12hrs/ day.

Since getting my score back I've gotten 162 on a practice test and 168 on another one. The breakdown of the last one I wrote (168) is: LR: -3, LG: -6, LR: -4, RC: -4. I ran out of time on LG and the second LR and missed two questions each.

I'm happy to see this increase but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to sustain it and make sure test day will be at least 170? How do I maintain a consistent RC score and improve my time on LG? Do I keep taking practice exams and reviewing what I'm getting wrong (my current approach) or does anyone have another way that worked for them?

Thank you!

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