Going from 152 to 172

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Re: Going from 152 to 172

Postby kindofcanuck » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:03 am

tk421991 wrote:I have a question about Section Three, Number Six however. The answer they mark as correct doesn't seem like a guarantee in context at all. Simply honoring crop requests and using what chemicals (or no chemicals) per client requests does not guarantee that they'll have buyers. That guarantees that those who are buyers will be satisfied, but won't get people in the door or onto the property.

It doesn't need to actually guarantee they have buyers. The questions asks according to the passage, what does the author advocate to help to guarantee they have buyers for all their produce. This means (1) in the context of the passage, and (2) help, not ensure.

A. According to the passage, this will help generate year round cash flow. Close, but no cigar.
B. Passage doesn't say this will guarantee buyers, it says they can operate at that cost & be profitable.
C. Passage says the CMA should have at least some of these people. Not that they should be used exclusively.
D. Lines 22-25 and the question are restatements of each other. This is Right.
E. This is merely something to make sure they have something to sell.

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