Explanation for an answer choice, incorrect? I don't understand

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Explanation for an answer choice, incorrect? I don't understand

Postby dontsaywhatyoumean » Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:25 am

PT 62, LR section 4, Q13.

https://lsathacks.com/explanations/lsat ... ng-2/q-13/

The explanation offered for why B is wrong seems dubious to me. The stimulus may not have mentioned nutrient deficiencies, but is that even relevant? Can a correct answer choice not mention something, but have that still be the correct answer choice, because logically the speaker would have had to neglect the possibility? Similar to the correct answer choice in this case, where it says that the speaker "failed to consider" (answer choice C)?

To me, answer choice B is wrong because while nutritional factors may lead to a deficiency in a compound that leads to differences in organic factors, organic factors may still be distributed unevenly throughout the world (nutritional factors for example may vary globally).

Also, for answer choice E, is this answer choice incorrect because it is too broad? Referring to all mental phenomena?


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Re: Explanation for an answer choice, incorrect? I don't understand

Postby Instrumental » Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:38 am

I thought B was wrong because he could have very well been considering nutritional factors given that nutrition comes through organic factors (i.e. food). Perhaps that isn't wholly accurate reasoning, but it led me to the right answer :lol:

E is wrong because it just doesn't have anything to do with anything. At no point did the guy claim that mental phenomena are only manifestations of physical phenomena so it's not a presumption he made to make his argument.

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