Additional study materials for downtime at work?

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Additional study materials for downtime at work?

Postby Walliums » Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:02 am

Looking for some suggestions on extra study material for downtime at work. I'm still early in my studies, so it's not time yet to do timed sections or do a logic game in my free time at the office. I'm currently doing my prepbook reading and associated drills before/after work. I've seen suggestions to read the Economist, and I've also seen a few people suggest buying one of the USA Today Logic Puzzle books and working on those. Anything else anyone has to offer?

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Re: Additional study materials for downtime at work?

Postby Blueprint Mithun » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:22 pm

I'd second reading magazine articles. Pick ones on subjects that you're less predisposed towards. So if you're not a big science person, Scientific American or the like might be helpful. The idea is to become more comfortable with the language and approach of those subjects that you might see on RC passages.

Honestly though, I'd keep working on your prepbooks and set aside some games/LR questions/passages to do during your downtime. You should only be drilling types relating to what you've covered, so don't just pick out random examples just yet. But the best way to practice LSAT is to do LSAT questions, so that should be your main focus. If you've covered some of the basics of Reading Comprehension, then you can practice the approach you've learned on some passages. Don't be overly concerned about getting the right answer - it's most important that you're following the strategies step by step. As you internalize them, the answers will come to you more easily.

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