What was your nutrition like for studying? up until the test?

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What was your nutrition like for studying? up until the test?

Postby Jimlaw123 » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:30 am


I guess my next question is on diet and nutrition. I want to take this test the healthiest, smartest, and at ease as I can. Last time I studied for the LSAT I was doing sugar binges (studying at random times, eating skittles, mamba's) and I would seem to crash, things would get foggy (after a couple hours), and I wouldn't retain information. I read on one of the guides that a person spoke about how important nutrition is, and will be. I was wondering what is the best things to eat? (I can eat anything)

Should I be taking Powerbars before every test? Or Energy drinks? ( If so which type?), also what's the best pills (NOT ADDERALL Or any variation of it. I don't have ADHD(well, not strong enough for medication), and the times I have taken it, made me intense, and a loon, so I cannot, and will not) that can be taken? Which are the best vitamins to take during the next 3 months, also what were you guys eating? (Just would love to know your breakdown of foods to eat, or things to take) I just want to get as healthy, well headed, and be as pious as I can be to take this for my very last time ever.

I'm going to be working out every day as well(Should I work out before a test, or after?) As I think this will help manage my stress, and get a lot of the frustration, rage, and anger the LSAT will bring out in me as I go on this trek. Thanks for being in this with me. Hope studying is treating you well.

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Re: What was your nutrition like for studying? up until the test?

Postby LawsRUs » Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:54 am

OP, for your reference: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=123572.

I would try exercising both before and after the test and note your condition--it totally depends on the person. Good luck

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Re: What was your nutrition like for studying? up until the test?

Postby Decisions Decisions » Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:03 am

I noticed in my PTs that I would often start to feel pretty fatigued by the last section or two. During the last 45-60 days before taking my LSAT, I completely changed my diet around and I could really see the results. For what it's worth, before changing my diet I would always score lower than my average if RC was the 5th section and always score above my average if LG was my 5th. I would have such a hard time staying focused and concentrating on the dense RC passages when all I wanted to do was rest. Anyway, after eating differently my scores improved overall and were more consistent regardless of which section came last.

Before going into the details, I just want to add that I've always been a fairly active person. I run at least 4 times a week, usually 5 or 6 times, and I didn't really make too many adjustments to my exercise plan. If you aren't exercising at least some, you need to start. Nutritionally, my goal was to avoid any sugars, get some protein at every meal and only eat multi-grain/high fiber carbs. I have never been a coffee or energy drink person, but I would recommend using those only in moderation. If I wanted to eat any foods high in dietary fat, I would do so only between like 1pm and 4pm. This meant I was eating them after my studying/PT for the day, but still early enough that I wouldn't use a ton of energy digesting them during the next day's studying. My LSAT snack was typically a low sugar protein bar and water.


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Re: What was your nutrition like for studying? up until the test?

Postby FloridaCoastalorbust » Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:18 am

this is stupid. don't change your eating habits because of a test, change them so you can live a healthy life. there are an infinite number of food combinations that would lead to a "healthy" life. it's also dumb to think that eating healthy will be a silver bullet to make you score higher. eat vegetables, moderate your carbs and fat, eat a high protein diet, and you're fine. ultimately you just need to worry about your calories and bad forms of fat and carbs, in addition to poor fillers and chemicals in food. but still, don't freak out about this. i was drunk the night before i scored the highest on my four LSAT takes.

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