How to maximize final week?? It's crunch time!

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How to maximize final week?? It's crunch time!

Postby beaglelegal » Sat May 30, 2015 9:01 pm

Hi TLS! This is my first post, as all I've done w/r/t law school apps thus far is obsess over my GPA. That's over (I've graduated) and now I get to worry about the LSAT!

I have been studying for about 2 weeks (after studying half-heartedly about 1.5 years ago for about a month, learned the basics then) and have taken my practice test score from a 163 on May 16th to a 170 today. My thinking is that I am only 2/3rds through my study time so I should still be able to make some additional improvements. My goal for the real test is 171, though higher is obviously better. I am open to retaking in the fall if I can't break 170 next week, but I'm not going to be able to devote much time to study after July (starting an intense job) so I really should get it done now.

Anyway. Most of my improvement thus far has been in LG, which I went from only finishing half of to now finishing most of and getting a few wrong. I have a tutor for this, though, so I am wondering what I can be doing to perfect my LR and RC skills in this final week - I am planning to take a practice test and blind review it every day (just found out about blind review - oops) in addition to more LG practice but what else could I be doing in this very short amount of time?

I have had a couple pretty bad practice tests where LG went fine but then I got -5 or something on RC or LR even though other times I get only -2 or so. Basically my primary goal is making sure this does not happen on test day.

Good luck to all others who will be taking with me and thanks for any advice!!


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Re: How to maximize final week?? It's crunch time!

Postby PoopNpants » Sun May 31, 2015 12:06 pm

I'd say do like 2-3 PTs, review thoroughly and drill any weaknesses and trends you see in the ACs you get wrong. Make sure you don't burn yourself out before gameday by going overkill and doing more than 5+ in a week. Good luck!

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