7 hours a day too much?

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Re: 7 hours a day too much?

Postby Rigo » Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:52 pm

I wouldn't. Slow and steady effort is tcr. Avoid burnout.

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Re: 7 hours a day too much?

Postby scalawag » Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:59 pm

My father is an attorney and he has really been pushing on me that I can't maintain the level of studying that I was doing (similar to yours but no RC yet - that's my best section and I figured I whatever improvements can be made should be towards the end to keep it fresh).

It was different in those days they didn't have the resources we have and it was a lot easier to get into school. He's really been supportive of how much I have been studying but at the same time he gets onto me that I have to go work construction or something two days a week (which is a good motivator) to get yourself out of just studying. He is absolutely amazed at how much of a science the powerscore books make it so he said it may all be relative. That's neither here nor there.

I have found that personally once you get out you have to get back in (even after a couple days). I don't know if I see a benefit yet to be honest. And even when I am working construction I bring drill packets and try to do a few games in between job sites. At the very least it motivates me to want to do well - working outside just not something I want to do my whole life with the health problems (lift something your weight your back goes out and you actually wish you were studying more for the LSAT if that makes sense).

Good luck bro


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Re: 7 hours a day too much?

Postby Pilloriedbrain » Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:01 pm

h3jk5h wrote:
Petrichor wrote:I personally don't think it is too much if you've already mastered the fundamentals and are only drilling/adjusting at this point, especially fatigue is a factor on the exam and this will help your mental endurance. Otherwise it seems like a waste of test material.

I notice that after 2 hours or so I begin losing mental focus. This is when I take shortcuts in approaching the questions, instead of sticking with the process.

I'm a little afraid that I would begin going back to bad habits that used to plague me when I first started practicing.

I'm thinking of only practicing 1 hour at a time (with breaks in between), with peak focus so I don't pick up bad habits again. But then again, I may be missing out in terms of endurance-building.

My endurance has always been a weak point of mine. I would get hungry and tired after a couple of hours (many times I get a small headache). I've always been a physically fragile person so I think stamina is largely outside my control. And I don't notice substantial improvements in my endurance throughout my LSAT prep.

If LSAT improvement is a function of hours spent, then I wouldn't mind studying even 10 hours a day, but I've been told that one hits diminishing returns after each hour of study or even negative returns - this is the part I'm afraid of.

Read about people who get amnesia after hours like that.

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