LSAT timeline

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LSAT timeline

Postby CharmCity15 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:29 am

Hi everyone I’m currently in my second year of college and was wondering if I could have some help developing my LSAT study timeline. I will be graduating in three years ( so Spring of 2016) and will be working for at least one year post-graduation, I have a few summer offers that should turn into full-time entry level jobs. I’ve started to look at some advise on this website about studying and the consensus is between 3-6 months is needed to properly study. Since I don’t plan to enroll until Fall 2017 (at the earliest if my score isn’t where I would want it to be I have no problem working more than a year, and I also may decide I want to wait even longer).

My goal would be, like most people on this website, a score in the 170+ range and I’m willing to put in the work for it. So I look at it like this, I’ll graduate next May and then I’ll be starting work in the next couple weeks after that. Should I plan to take the June LSAT and then be studying my last semester of college for it or wait until September? I know Harvard and other schools applications open in September so I would think waiting until late Sept. to take it and then waiting longer to get scores back would be a little behind in the ball game or am I wrong?

My two questions are given the above info 1.) when should I be looking to take the LSAT and 2.)more generic question I couldn’t find but I’m sure is easy enough to answer for schools such as HYS and CCN about when is the time I should be sending my applications in? I know they go until February but I know waiting that long would be bad.

TLS has been a great resource and has really made me realistic about law school choices so I thank you for your help in the past and look forward to your help as I begin my admissions process!

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Re: LSAT timeline

Postby RZ5646 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:35 am

I asked a question like this and the consensus was that sending your application in early isn't that helpful. For schools like Yale that don't do rolling admissions it isn't helpful at all. Most people take the Sept/Oct LSAT and apply with that score; if they need to retake, they do it in Dec or even Feb. The June test is attractive because it's in the afternoon, isn't during school, and let's you retake early (Sept/Oct) if necessary.

Still can't understand why there isn't an August LSAT.


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Re: LSAT timeline

Postby Broncos15 » Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:09 am

A lot of the decision depends on where you are at in clear answer here.

Even in a rolling admissions game, a higher score ( even later on) will open up a ton of more opportunities in that cycle.

A 170 in December will trump a 155 in June by a long shot.

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