How To Encourage Students To Take Prep Tests

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Re: How To Encourage Students To Take Prep Tests

Postby AReasonableMan » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:37 pm

landshoes wrote:Consider charging tutoring rates to proctor practice tests, have it as part of a deluxe package where you bring the test to them, proctor it like it's a real LSAT, possibly arrange to do it at the test site...add some value beyond just sitting there. Additionally, suggest that if they don't want to pay you to proctor they can save a significant amount of money by doing the PTs independently. That will put PTs firmly in their heads as a necessary part of the whole prep package.

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It's a thought. Honestly it used to be much worse a few years ago when I let people pay session by session at each lesson. About half the people I was tutoring were rescheduling last minute, and it was impossible to plan ahead. Needless to say these people did no work between sessions. And "dumping students" who cancelled and didn't do work was a headache with legal threats of implied covenants, etc.

Since I've been around a relatively prestigious college campus, just going lesson by lesson has been a non-issue. I guess the proctor thing could work, but the issue is both me and all of the tutors I work with are pretty busy, and it's honestly just not worth it unless we're getting above x/hour. So much of it is self motivation, and I use the personal trainer example but I wish I could better motivate people. The entire joy of tutoring is witnessing progress step by step, otherwise you're just selling out for small amounts of money.

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