Should I cancel

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Should I cancel

Postby FeteGalante » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:52 am

I am new to this forum and I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question. I have been preparing for 3 months now and I just took the December LSAT in Asia. I registered for the September one but ended up withdrawing (btw does this count toward the 3 times?) because I felt like I am not prepared. So I took some classes and my PTs are ranging from 163-169 mostly, depending on how well I do the games and the RC, I did about 15 timed PTs before I took the test and studied 6-7 hrs per day.

So today I went in and took the exam. I killed the first RC and LR. But on the games I found it so hard that I had to guess 1Q on game 1, and when I am on game 2, I did like 2-3 Qs and moved onto game 3, while still finding it too difficult and time consuming I moved to game 4 and finished it with confidence, and then went back to G2 and G3 finishing them but had to guess on a couple, I felt like that I made educated guesses but I am very not sure. I think the games are different in Asia and I heard people complaining that it was difficult during the break. However after the break I started section 4 in LR, it was a bit more difficult and I had to guess on 2, but other Qs I felt confident, and Section 5 was another RC, and after the exhaustion I don't think I did well, particularly on the first passage I had a hard time figuring out the author's perspective, and basically rushed through the rest (I believe this is the real RC)

I have a GPA of 3.72 and I was hoping that I could get a 166+ this time. I was also hoping to apply for 2015 fall, aiming for Cornell NYU Georgetown and possibly Emory, and if I can't get in these T20 schools I would rather wait a year to apply for the next cycle.

The problem is, I felt really bad of today's exam and although there is usually a generous December curve, I feel like I am not even getting to the 160s. The game destroyed my mood and the harder LR and RC in section 4 and 5 just made it worse (clearly worse than my PTs I have to say). Should I still have the slightest hope of getting around 165 and try to apply for 2015, or should I just cancel to avoid a potential 160 score? I am feeling very anxious now since the test did not go well at all for me, and I am worried that a 160 or potential below 160 score this time would hinder my application for the next cycle even if I managed to get 168+ next time.


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Re: Should I cancel

Postby visionmaomao » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:00 am

I also just took the test in Asia today. Same here for RC. I got my experimental on RC. but the first passage on real RC is really hard (it took my 15 minutes so I had to rush through the rest). Also felt bad on the second LR, stuck on the first page for 10 more minutes and the second for another 10 more.

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