What To Do The Day Before Tomorrow (December LSAT Takers)

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What To Do The Day Before Tomorrow (December LSAT Takers)

Postby GONNAKILLIT » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:30 pm

Hi Guys and Gals,

I thought I'd post some advice on what to do today, the day before the December LSAT, partly because it is helpful to remind myself of the reasons I'm doing what I'm doing today and partly because some people might be wondering what they ought to do. In short, my advice is this: just hang out, give your brain a break, do something fun.

Why? I'm working on the assumption that the brain functions similarly to other muscles, despite the fact that, unlike other muscles, it is (presumably!) the organ most closely related to thinking. With this assumption in mind, think about this: your muscles function best after rest and worst after being exhausted (ever tried to do two chest workouts in a row? No? Well, there's a reason for that). So take it easy today. Give your brain a break so it will be in tip top shape for tomorrow. BUT, if you're used to drinking when you're just hanging out, make today the exception. That's a sure way to end up in a fog tomorrow when you need clear horizons.

I'm assuming a lot of you know this already. You're not going to drink before the test. That's dumb. But you might be tempted to prep the day before the test, even if you know you ought not. The temptation is strong, and it is helpful to be reminded of why one ought not do something one knows one ought not do so that one does not give in when the temptation arises. I'm also telling you this because thinking of the fact that I'm giving my brain a break today so as to ensure that it functions at its best tomorrow boosts my self confidence. Think on this! You've done the work. Those synaptic connections underlying inference-making, reading comprehension, and spotting the weaknesses in lame arguments are going to be fresh and strong tomorrow. You will be ready for this intellectual marathon.

This is what I think, anyway. Of course you ought to take it with a grain of salt; or, more precisely, you ought to take into account your own experience in taking prep tests and judge for yourself whether this advice is confirmed by that experience. As for myself, my diagnostic test was a 160. Then I broke through after a few weeks to the upper 160s, where I hovered for a few more weeks until I started scoring 170 or 171 for 6 tests in a row. My last 8 tests have been 172+, as follows: 172, 172, 173, 175, 178, 173, 176 and, finally, another 173. Every one of my last five tests was taken after a one day break. So that's what I'm sticking to on this day before tomorrow. Maybe you should too.

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