Comments/criticism regarding my study plan

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Comments/criticism regarding my study plan

Postby seagan823 » Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:59 pm

I was planning on taking the December LSAT, but realized three weeks ago that I had:

a. Am not averaging the -1 per section I am aiming for when I do timed sections
b. Totally underestimated how much time I should have been doing full PTs (I had only done 2 total and scored poorly on both)
c. Am not consistent at all with games. Anywhere from -2 on a full section to -7. Usually from -0/-1 on an individual game in good time, occasionally hitting 2/7 in ten minutes.

I'm usually around -3 to -0 individual RC and LR sections, but up to -6 on the PTs I took. LG I am stellar on linear/sequencing, pretty hit or miss on grouping, accurate but inefficient on rare game types. I understand the basic concepts of all game types and have my diagrams down. I just need to work on accuracy, making quicker inferences and being better able to identify in a given game at what time I should move on to the questions.

So now I am looking at February. Took some time off to breathe, pushing the next 12 weeks. My plan for the first 7 weeks (including this one) is:

-One 4 section PT per week
-Two LR sections per week
-10-15 games per week (still working out right mix of games/full sections for this period)
-Two RC sections per week
-7.5 hours of review per week

This puts me around 15 hours of so of studying per week.

Then, for the final 5 weeks, my plan is

- Two full 5 section prep tests per week
- 1 extra LR section per week
- 1 game section per week, plus reviewing tough games
- 1 extra RC per week
- Review a lot

This puts me at around 20 hours of studying per week.

I work a pretty emotionally draining full time job, so this is pretty much the max I can possibly push myself.

Just looking for suggestions for improvement or things I overlooked. Much appreciated

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Re: Comments/criticism regarding my study plan

Postby giantswan » Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:37 pm

You may already be thinking of doing this but I think reviewing games by type is pretty helpful. Also if you haven't already used the LSAT SuperPrep I recommend it. I looked at it pretty close to my actual test (studied with other materials before that) and found it to be pretty helpful.

If you weren't already planning on it I highly recommend making your experimental sections RC at least part of the time. Also make sure you are taking like one PT a week in testing conditions. Personally I found it helpful to also do a few PTs in poor testing conditions (a table by the door of a really busy coffee shop) to prepare myself to deal with distractions.

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Re: Comments/criticism regarding my study plan

Postby mist4bison » Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:08 pm


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