LSAT Trainer Mistake?

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LSAT Trainer Mistake?

Postby ITzNischay » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:42 am

I believe I have found a mistake in The LSAT Trainer. Albeit, if it is a mistake, it is rather minor, but if it isn't, then I am going to have to re-think much of my life.

Page 170 for people that posses the book.

It's a logic games set-up and it says "No one leaves more messages than Frank." Initially, I thought this meant Frank left the most messages, but I later caught that that isn't necessarily true. Someone could leave just as many messages as Frank and it would still be true that nobody has left more messages than Frank. In Mike's explanation of the game he says "we can make an inference that... [because] there wouldn't be enough spots for Frank to appear most otherwise..."

I am fairly sure that this is a mistake, but I would just like secondary confirmation in case I'm actually just insane.


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Re: LSAT Trainer Mistake?

Postby MightiHeidi » Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:11 pm

The rule says: "No one leaves more messages than Frank." This does NOT mean: "Frank is required to leave MORE messages than Harry or Ingrid." So when Mike says "F to appear the most" he's accurate in that at least one world F appears MORE than the others, and in another world, F appears MOST along with one other character.
If we're in the world where F leaves 4 messages, then he has more messages than everyone else.
If we're in the world where F leaves 3 messages, then either H or I, but not both, will also have three. But that doesn't take away the fact that F still has the most messages, its just that another person did as well.
I'm pretty sure that's what Mike meant when he said that. Be mindful of the difference between MORE and MOST.
If this doesn't make sense or you want total clarification, try asking Mike on his Trainer Thread on this forum.

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