How To Improve LG Timing

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How To Improve LG Timing

Postby Lsataddict175 » Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:11 pm

Will be taking exam in September so I have plenty of time to improve my LG. My accuracy is very high, however, I'm really struggling with timing. It's killing me. What's the best way to improve timing?
This is the only section that I think may prevent me from hitting 170+.

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Re: How To Improve LG Timing

Postby thevuch » Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:49 pm

repetition. repetition. repetition.

the more you do it the better youll become and the faster youll be

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Re: How To Improve LG Timing

Postby eliztudorr » Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:03 pm

repetition. also, some games (majority) allows you to create multiple hypos. if you can see 2-4 hypos, i would spend some initial time writing all of them out before going off to questions. to get to this stage, you have to see enough games and know what rules can link with other rules to create HUGE deductions.

when i was practicing LG, i did all the games 3 times. first time trying it out (without timing but do them as fast as i could), second time, find out the fastest/easiest/the right way to approach the game, third time, time it to see if i truly LEARNED the game.

some games are not good for listing out initial hypos, those you can improve your timing by semi-memorizing the rules before you start the questions.


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Re: How To Improve LG Timing

Postby CocoSunshine » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:26 pm

You may give us more information so we can know why you are slowing down. Nevertheless, below is my general advice.

1. FOR THE WHOLE SECTION - You should know how to balance your time on the four games. Some are designed to take you 10-15 mins. You should power through easy games in 5 mins to save time for the harder/weirder ones.

2. FOR SINGLE GAMES - Your ability to figure out key inferences and to know when to "split your game board" (I quote Ping) largely determines how fast you will be on a game. For this, I love LGB's lesson about how to make inferences.

3. FOR SINGLE QUESTIONS - Don't try every answer choices on the first pass. Glance at the answer choices. You will often find more dubious ones and try them first. Also, create hypos for single questions only when necessary. Accuracy means do the questions right within the right amount of time.

4. REPETITION - Repetition Is the key. But don't repeatedly do the same wrong things. Check your own method against 7Sage videos or other LG explanation videos if you like, and learn from them. I only watch 7Sage. Ping's approach is superior most of the time.

Hope it helps :)

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