Drilling and what it means

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Drilling and what it means

Postby berkeleyhopeful » Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:38 am

Hi All

This may sound foolish, but I've been lurking on these threads and am seriously wondering what you mean by "hardcore drilling." My assumption is that people are drilling 40 logic games or 100+ LR questions. I'm starting prep for June and thought doing 10 simple ordering games in a row was a good drill, but the way that some of you word it makes it seem that I'm not spending much time drilling. Am I completely off the mark?

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Re: Drilling and what it means

Postby Jeffort » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:14 am

Drilling means focusing on particular question/game types one at a time working many of the same type in a row carefully in slow motion with thorough review in order to practice applying the appropriate concepts/techniques/info/etc. you learned to get good at application and to learn and get familiar with the common patterns that re-appear with each question/game type.

There is much more to it in terms of how to do thorough review. It's described in detail in some of the study guides linked in this thread:

It does not mean just powering through a bunch of questions really fast, it's actually the opposite of that. Read through the study guides and you'll find long detailed explanations of all the things you should do as part of drilling and reviewing. The slow motion reviewing part is the most important for improving your understanding of what is going on/skill level and is also the part of prep most people that don't improve much skip because they falsely believe it's a waste of time.

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