February 2014 in Europe

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February 2014 in Europe

Postby berlincalling » Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:30 am

Hey everyone! Here is a thread for any February 2014 test-takers in Europe. I was quite frustrated to realize that I took a different test from the one folks in the US took, as well as the fact that the test is always undisclosed, so I barely have an idea of where I'm standing in terms of what the curve and my weighted score might look like. I feel like my raw score will be something around -13, but sincere there is no data for past European tests available, I have no way to tell whether this is more likely to mean 164 or 170.

So my question is: What was your experience with the LSAT you took in Europe? Did you do substantially better than expected (which would potentially imply a lower curve)? Specifically on the February 2014 LSAT in Europe, how did you do on each section and how would you assess the difficulty of each?

The set-up was (for me): LR, LG, LR, LR, RC

The LRs seemed pretty straightforward, but this has also historically been my strongest section. I had no way of telling which one of the three LR sections was the experimental section, honestly. LG was not too bad. The game featuring presentations of grad students and professors seemed tough, but maybe that was just me. There was no circling game like in the US version of the February test. I really struggled with RC, which included 27 questions, especially as I ran low on time towards the end. Last passage involved astronauts. As I said earlier, I would guess around -13 raw score which would probably translate to 168 on the average curve for a US test, but I have no idea what this means for the European version of the test. Guessing the curve might be a bit lower due to the number international/ESL kids taking the test?

Any help appreciated!


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Re: February 2014 in Europe

Postby hazara » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:43 pm

where in europe did you write?

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