Should i get materials to supplement my BP online class?

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Should i get materials to supplement my BP online class?

Postby darkjak7 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:05 am

Hi everyone!

So I posted on here several months ago about a potential self-study schedule that involved the the Blueprint LG book, LSAT Trainer, Manhattan LG and LR books, and the Cambridge packets for drilling. After going through the books, the plan was to take around 19 practice tests (50-69), and drill weaknesses using the 7sage PT scorer for the Blind Review method).

However, I came to realize that being in a more structured environment would be better for me to get a good foundation on the LSAT, so I signed up for "Blueprint: The Movie." I've read positive reviews about it, and it looks promising.

I wanted to ask you all if you feel that I should still supplement the course with other materials, like the Manhattan books and the Cambridge packets. I heard that the Manhattan LR book had a really intuitive section on logic, which I feel would be helpful to me since I've never taken a formal logic class. Do you all think having these books would be good for extra practice? (And could get the earlier PTs for additional drilling too)

The online course itself comes with five books. I'm not exactly sure what they contain, but it seems as if they break down the various problem types, present strategies, and then have sections for drilling. These books go along with online videos.

I was already planning to buy the newer PTs since the course apparently only comes with six PTs (and I plan to do a lot more). So after I finish course, I would spend the last month and a half (or two months) taking around 20 PTs, and drilling my weak points.

My ultimate goal is a 170+ on the June test, and I'm willing to retake in October if it doesn't work out the first time around.


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Re: Should i get materials to supplement my BP online class?

Postby BPlaura » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:10 pm

You actually shouldn't need any supplementary materials - the course comes with every question available to license from LSAC, and should teach you all the techniques you need. Also, there are additional practice tests available on your MyBlueprint account (beyond the 6 practice tests that are in the Supplement book). At the very least, I'd say that you should wait until you finish the course before purchasing anything else - that way you'll have a better idea of what you want - but the course is designed to be completely sufficient.

Good luck with your studying, and feel free to PM me or post in the Blueprint office hours thread if you ever have questions!

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