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Month Study Plan Guide

Postby withoutapaddle » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:18 pm

What you'll need:
Powerscore LG bible (You can also use any other LG guide you have)
20 Official LSAT PT's

Jan. 9th - Three RC sections (Timed)
Jan. 10th - Five LR sections (Timed)
Jan. 11th - Games (Set up every game+Drills from Power Score Bible of all game types)

January 13th - Feb. 1st - Full timed PT's in the morning (Review in the afternoon).

Feb. 2nd - LR (Go over any questions you have trouble with, complete more questions if you have the material)
Feb, 3rd - RC (Same as above)
Feb 4th - Games (Go over setups, go over any games you had trouble with)
Feb. 5th - PT (timed) morning. Review answers in the afternoon
Feb. 6th - PT (timed) morning. Review answers in the afternoon.
Feb. 7th (I'm focusing on games, but work on whatever section you feel the least comfortable with). Do something you like in the afternoon though. Take your mind off the test.

Feb. 8th - See how your hard work pays off.

This is what I'm doing for the next month.

I skipped the 12th because I'm reading the method and flawed reasoning sections because that's what I have the most trouble with (basically the verbiage gets me and I second guess myself).

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