Question about a Mistake on Test Day (Dec 7)

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Question about a Mistake on Test Day (Dec 7)

Postby ACTII » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:14 am

As I finished section 3 with a few minutes remaining, I decided to go back to 1st question and make sure that I hadn't made any errors in transferring my answer choices to the answer sheet. When I did so, I mistakingly looked at my responses (on the answer sheet) from section 2 and freaked out when my answers in the test book (from S3) didn't correspond with the answer sheet and erased section 2 in its entirety and filled in my answers from section 3. After I realized what I had done (before time expired for S3), I decided just to put my pencil down and not attempt to fix my mistake so as to avoid any allegations of cheating.

When the proctor called time and released us for break, I approached her and told her that I had mistakingly erased/changed answers from a different section than the one we were working on and wanted to cancel my score and leave. She gave me my answer sheet in order to fill in the ovals to cancel but all the while seemed very suspicious and distant (she didn't say anything whatsoever, I'm not even really sure she understood my explanation).

My question is: If, in this instance, she intended to report me for misconduct, would she have given me a notice or is giving such a notice not actually required? Is it possible/likely that I'll be investigated over it?

I received an email from LSAC today saying that my cancel request had been successfully received, if that means anything. Really bummed about the whole ordeal, I was feeling so confident about my performance up until my idiotic mistake.

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Re: Question about a Mistake on Test Day (Dec 7)

Postby zipehtzin » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:03 am

I wouldn't worry about it. You told the proctor you wanted to cancel, and it seems like your cancellation is a success. The proctor probably seemed suspicious of you because she didn't understand what you were saying (I had to read your post twice to understand what you did), and she probably seemed distant because many proctors simply don't care very much about your misfortune.

I think it would be highly unlikely that an investigation would be conducted over a cancelled score.

People commonly make mistakes like yours. Best of luck to you on your retake!

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