I plan on wearing a Bane (from Batman) mask to the LSAT

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I plan on wearing a Bane (from Batman) mask to the LSAT

Postby Kevinlomax » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:04 am

My dream school is UT and since I will be taking the December LSAT in Texas, I figure that alot of test takers will have the same goal. Since my GPA is marginal, I need to have the best LSAT relative to the other applicants in order to get in. I figure if I can lower a few tests scores at my test center (located in Texas), it may help my cause.

Today one of my roommates was watching "Dark Knight Rises" and I happened to pass by when a particular scene with Bane was occurring. I thought to myself " Bane is very intimidating, I would not want to meet Bane in a dark alley". Then I realized that I can use this to my advantage. I swiftly purchased a Bane mask/ voice enhancer from Amazon and hatched a brilliant plan. Before the LSAT starts I will show up to the test center and walk around with my mask on and start talking to people in the Bane voice. All the test takers will already be nervous and it wont take much to throw them off their game.

If i were coming to the LSAT and saw some guy walking around and taking a test wearing a Bane mask i would definitely lose a few points on Logic Games.

"Ahhhh you think Logic is your ally....You merely adopted Logic... I was born in it...Molded by it....I did not read the Powerscore Bible until I was already a Man"

What do you all think? Will I get kicked out of the test center for this? Is this a bold and innovative strategy?

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Re: I plan on wearing a Bane (from Batman) mask to the LSAT

Postby LeDique » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:06 am

Why take the risk of getting yourself kicked out? Hire someone from craigslist and pay them via bitcoin so it can't be traced back to you!

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