Early Decision concerning LSAT retake

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Early Decision concerning LSAT retake

Postby nppate5 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:27 am

I am planning on applying early to a law school but dont want to list the fact that i am planning on retaking the lsat, as it would stall my application decision. Thus, I was wondering if law schools are able to look at my being registered for the december lsat. I was also wondering if I have to list that i am retaking the lsat on my application or if i could choose not to.

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Re: Early Decision concerning LSAT retake

Postby Jeffort » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:14 am

Schools you submit applications to are alerted by the system that you are registered for an upcoming LSAT when they view your application in the system. If you already have a score on file and want them to review and decide based only on that score, just tell that to the school in your application. Why didn't you think of that solution? I don't understand why your mind went right to thinking about possibly being dishonest in your applications to get it reviewed early instead of just being honest and telling them you want them to review it right away even though you are registered for another LSAT.

If you are trying to figure out a way to trick or manipulate them into accepting you early if your score is good enough, but not rejecting you if it isn't and only then deciding to wait to see your next score instead of just waiting to review your app at all until next score is in, good luck with that plan. You cannot have it both ways, either you tell them to review and decide only with your current score or you just wait it out like everyone else playing the odds of a hopefully better future score.

Heck, if you don't tell them either way regarding wanting them to wait for next score to review and already have a good score on file that is good enough for them, maybe they'll let you in without waiting for another score since they'll see that score when they open your app. It's your risk with whether you should or shouldn't encourage them to look at it early if your current score is not healthily in range. Just answer the application questions honestly and see what happens. If you want to ask them to review with just one score, go for it and take the risk if that score is good enough for whatever school(s). If it's not really in range, don't take the risk of asking to be reviewed right away.

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