score dropped lower the second time - addendum needed?

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score dropped lower the second time - addendum needed?

Postby lawlala » Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:48 pm

My score dipped from 169 in June to 167 in October. This is quite disheartening because I was consistently scoring above 173 for a month straight. Some questions:

1. I'm not leaning towards retaking for December because I will be very busy to study as efficiently as I would like. Also, as obviously evidenced, there's a chance for me to do worse or the same as my previous scores, and I would not like to risk that. I know the TLS consensus is to retake and obtain the highest score possible. But considering the pros/cons of taking it a 3rd time, submitting apps much later that otherwise, and the risk of a lower score, I would love your thoughts on this!

2. Let's say I decide to not retake and go ahead and apply. Is an addenda necessary for a score dip? Or is it better not to highlight a weaker aspect of my app? I have read in other TLS forums say that many schools take your highest score anyways.

Background info about me: I'm applying to T14 schools and my GPA is above 3.8

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Re: score dropped lower the second time - addendum needed?

Postby 05062014 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:09 pm

i'd apply and not say shit about oct... i was under the impression that they basically ask for an explanation only if the score difference in 3+ points. explaining a 2 point drop will probably make you come off as insecure in your abilities and it will attract unwanted attention, diverting schools away from focusing on the highest score. let the numbers speak for themselves.

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