PT 60+ LGs: Shift in approach

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PT 60+ LGs: Shift in approach

Postby Nooblarzlarz » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:13 pm

Hey TLS,

With regard to the Logic Games from PT 60+, it seems that the games are relying less on the game winning inferences and more on plug and chugging hypos throughout the questions, which has made the timing a bit more difficult (from 40-59, it was pretty easy to get done with LG sections with 5 mins to spare at -0). Anyone else noticed this trend and/or have any suggestions for how to beat these more time-consuming games?



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Re: PT 60+ LGs: Shift in approach

Postby meegee » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:48 pm

I def noticed this trend as well.

I think there are still game-winning inferences, I just think they're harder to spot/find. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes there really isn't a game-winning inference.

Rely on the rules. Plug and chug and check back with the rules methodically. With less game-winning inferences, it seems there will be less opportunities to have "complete setups."

This next tip has worked out for me, but it might not for others. Obviously there will be some games where you're like "what the fuck is this" and you skip it and come back later. In addition, I also skip questions in the game itself. Sometime's you'll find questions that say like "what MUST be true" or "which one of the following must be FALSE" or "which of the following could be true." Basically questions where they don't give you an additional rule. Skip those. Do the questions where they give you a rule first.

Q5: Which one of the following must be false?
A) B is in 3
B) T is in 7
C) F is in 2
D) G is in 8
E) J is in 1
(Hmm, nothing is really popping up to me. Skip this first and go to the next question).
Q6: If H is in 6, then what must be true?
(Do this question. Okay, H is in 6, so I plug that in, match it to the rules, find out an inference, and voila, T must be in 6! Now use your old work and check back the answers in Q5. Great, we see T in 7. We know that must be true, so we can eliminate answer B.)
Q7. If O is in 6, which of the following could be true?
(Rinse and repeat)

I do all those hypo questions first, and then come back to the global questions, using my old work to eliminate answers. And of course, let's not forget that the those "list" questions (the ones that usually appear first) are also useful in regards to global questions.

This is something I do to help save some time. But at the end of the day, I think you really just gotta methodically check the rules and do plug and chug. It helps if you can balance some hypos in your head. Sometimes though, pencil and paper is what you gotta do.

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