I think LSAC is Wrong. PT 58, Section 4, #9

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Re: I think LSAC is Wrong. PT 58, Section 4, #9

Postby ScottRiqui » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:52 pm

Power Clean wrote:so why can't we infer that when one of those snakes hits six months with the disease it will die from it, if not sooner?

Let's say that there are a half-dozen snakes hatched in North America that have the disease. Every one of them dies before reaching six months old; three escape their cages and are eaten by other pets, two of them are accidentally starved by inattentive owners, and the sixth dies from a disease completely unrelated to the one discussed in the question.

In this case, the scenario described in answer choice 'A' never comes to pass; none of the North American snakes died as a result of the liver disease at all. That's why I agree it's a bad question, *if* LSAC considers "can properly be inferred" to be identical to "must be true".

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Re: I think LSAC is Wrong. PT 58, Section 4, #9

Postby appind » Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:10 am

interested in this old thread.

did op ever hear from LSAC about this question and the issue of "properly inferred"?

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