Dorking on Dworkin (PT 35 P4 Q22)

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Dorking on Dworkin (PT 35 P4 Q22)

Postby Kimikho » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:47 pm

I tried posting this to the Manhattan forum but it isn't letting me enter a subject in for some reason, so I can't post :/.

So on question 22--I went with B ("to evaluate the theory of legal positivism") because the second paragraph described legal positivism through Dworkin's eyes ("Dworkin's view is that legal positivists...."), and "evaluating," to me, seems to be being critical of something. I also saw how the paragraph identified the basic tenets of legal positivism (answer D), but felt that because the passage had an opinion in it, "evaluate" was a match.

Obviously there is only one answer. Could someone explain what is wrong with B?

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