Looking for study buddy in North Carolina or online

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Looking for study buddy in North Carolina or online

Postby sydney19987 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:12 pm

I'm an out-of-college student studying for the February LSAT, out of Raleigh North Carolina. It would be nice to get together once a week with someone in person or over phone / skype / e-mail, talk about progress and give feedback . It's easier to get motivated and stay on track when it's a team effort, I think.

Here is my prep plan, if yours is similar it would certainly help:

Logic Games Bible
Logical Reasoning Bible
All released LSATs (weekends)
Reading Comprehension (two texts, non-LSAT)

I am hoping to get through the bibles this month, and focus solely on practice tests October onwards. The test is daunting though, and it never feels like I have enough time.

PM me if you're interested in touching base and tracking each other's progress


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