where should i be?

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where should i be?

Postby elg » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:13 am

About 6 weeks out and shooting for 175. Been getting between -6 to -10 on my lsat 15 pts. My wrong answer's are pretty spread out, 2-4 wrong in each lr and rc section. Question types seem to be pretty spread out, but they are usually the ones other people have trouble with as well. Any tips on how to go from 2-4 to 1-2 in these sections? I seem to be stuck in that range and im to the point where I feel like I cant learn much more about the test.

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Re: where should i be?

Postby Jeffort » Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:02 am

You have to figure out exactly what mistake(s) you made for each question that helped cause you to get it wrong, make of list of those mistakes and change your approach in proper ways to get rid of those mistakes.

You need to analyze your mistakes very carefully, not just read the correct answers and end up saying 'oh I get it now why that one is correct, that was just a stupid mistake/I was just careless'.

It's really important to figure out what you could have seen/realized about the incorrect answers you choose that you should have noticed the first time in order to be able to confidently rule them out as incorrect since they didn't satisfy the question stem. There is a reason why each wrong answer you selected is wrong that you did not see first time around as well as a reason you incorrectly thought the answer you selected was logically correct. You must figure out the exact reasons for each question that made you eliminate the correct answer and decide to go with a wrong one.

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